How To : Mattress Stitch


Hey guy's!

So we all know there are SO MANY ways to seam together a project; whip stitch, slip stitching, single crocheting, etc. These are all great methods, in face single crocheting is my favorite method when seaming granny squares.

BUT, if you are anything like me, sometimes you want to use a more "precise" and "clean" method. When it comes to seaming garments, this is a must. I have found that the Mattress stitch is just that! 

Today we will be learning how to use the Mattress stitch. This stitch is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons, it has a GORGEOUS finished look. I love the professional seam it creates. This stitch is also great for both crafts; knit and crochet. 


Note: I will be using two colors for this tutorial, this shows the stitch off better. Make sure you to use the same color yarn as your work when using this method. 


Mattress Stitch Tutorial:


Step 1: Lay work flat, with right sides facing each other. 

Step 2: Thread your yarn needle with at least double the width of your projects seam. 

Step 3: Insert yarn needle through the closest bottom corner of the first piece through the bar of the stitch, pull through. 

Step 4: Insert yarn needle through bottom corner of second piece and pull through. 

Note: The mattress stitch beginners here. Think of this stitch as a zig zag between both pieces. 

Step 5: Back into first piece, insert needle under and through stitch bar, pull through.

Step 6: Into second piece, insert needle under and through stitch bar, pull through.

Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you have reach desired seam length. 

Last step: Pull tight to cinch sides together. 

fasten off. 

View: Right Side

View: Right Side

View: Wrong Side

View: Wrong Side


I hope this tutorial was easy to understand! Thank you for stopping by and happy making! 

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