Rustic Rolling Storage Seat

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I've been pretty busy lately, as most of you know this blog is new to me and I'm still working on coming up with fun DIY projects for you all. I've actually been in an inspiration rut lately, when this happens I will often leave my house and just wonder around town. So that's exactly what I did!

While I was soul searching for inspiration I came across these wooden crates (Like This) that just SCREAMED potential. Sure, they looked plain on the shelf but with a little imagination these crates could be turned into a gorgeous home decor piece. 

Crochet Hygge blanket pattern can be found in the "pattern" section of the blog 

Crochet Hygge blanket pattern can be found in the "pattern" section of the blog 

I decided I would make a rustic storage seat! I wanted to add wheels to give it some character and crochet the fabric over the seat because we all know I need to add a little bit of fiber love to my work. The best part of crocheting the cover for this seat is that you are able to change it up (and wash it) whenever you want! Make yourself as many covers as you' like and switch them up. 


The best part of this storage crate has to be the wheels. Yes, they add a totally beautiful and rustic look but my toddler LOVES push it around the house, which means this piece doubles as a toy (LOL!)


So, today I have a different kind of project for you all. We are going to be getting a little dirty or in my case A LOTTA dirty (wood stain is not my friend) and get DIY-ing! 


Crate - 

- Wooden Crate (Measuring 18 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches) Like This

- Plywood (Measuring 16.5"W x 12.5"W)

- 100 Grit Sandpaper (I recommend This One the flexibility helps to reach in-between the small cracks)

- Wood Finish in Dark Walnut (Like This)

- Four 2" Swivel Wheels (Like These)

- 16 1/2" Wood Head Screws (Like These)

- Paintbrushes (Like These)

Let's get started! 

Step 1 - Using the 100 Grit sand paper, sand down all the rough edges and corners. What is so great about using the flexible sand paper is you're able to pull the strips through the cracks and smooth everything out.

Step 2 - Get ready for staining. I recommend staining on a surface you're ok with getting dirty. I used a piece of cardboard over some rocks in our yard. Grab your paint brush and wood stain and get to work! Be careful not the leave any puddles or drops of stain on your work, you want the crate to look as cleanly stained as possible. 

Stain every spot, crack, crevice and corner possible. 

Step 3 - An optional step, this is the time to stain one side of your plywood panel, this way once you have the cushion and fabric on all your wood will match. 

Step 4 - Let it dry! Depending on your climate this step can take anywhere from 24-48 hours. This step is VERY important.

Step 5 - Once your crate is 100% dry we can attach the wheels! This part is a lot of fun and really finishes the crate off. Flip your crate so that the open side is down. Place one wheel at each corner (Approx. 1" In from the edge) Using a drill, pre-drill four hole (making sure to match up with the holes on your wheel) using a 1/2" wood screw, screw in each wheel. 


I  crochet my cover but you can easily skip this step and use a piece of fabric instead that measures 15"W x 19"L and sew elastic around the sides, this way it will cinch up around the cushion. 

Crochet Cushion - 

- Foam Cushion (Measuring 13"W x 17"L I had to cut my to reach these measurements) Like This

- 2 Balls Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fossil (Like This

- 10.00mm Crochet Hook

Gauge - 

In double crochet back loop only using a 10.00mm crochet hook

6 Sts = 4"

5 rows = 4"

Abbreviations - 

Ch - Chain

DC - Double Crochet 

DC BLO - Double Crochet in the Back Loop Only

Pattern - 


R1 - Turn, DC into 3rd Ch from hook and across (48)

R2-R19 - Ch2, Turn, DC BLO across (48)

Note: We will be working around the entire square at this point

R20 - Turn, *Slip Slip two stitches together, slip stitch in one, repeat from * around square 

Repeat Row 20 once more. Fasten off. Weave in all ends. 

Your cushion should resemble a bed sheet, cinched in on all sides. 

Without wooden panel

Without wooden panel

place your dry plywood panel on top of the cushion (stained side out) and pull your crochet cover around the cushion and plywood to create the cushion. 

With wooden panel

With wooden panel

That's it, you're done! Fill your storage crate with anything you'd like, blankets, games, books, etc. have your friends and family over so everyone can rave about your new home DIY piece!