Hygge Throw Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

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Hey Guy's!

Today we will be working up a super cozy project!

The Hygge Blanket.

This throw has definitely made it's way to the top of my "Favorite Cozy Blankets I've made list" mostly do to the fact I despise crocheting blankets and i've honestly only made 3 in my crochet career. 

As for the name; Hygge. I chose this Danish name specifically because of it's wondrous meaning. 

" In Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is one such word. Though there are many ways to describe hygge, we see it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness."

- www.skagen.com

Let me tell you guy's WHY this blanket is so magical and squishy. I used Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn in Cream (CLICK HERE). This yarn can pretty much be described as a tube. Yes, a cotton - nylon mix tube-type yarn. I know, it sounds so weird but trust me when I say 

THE SQUISH is out of this world and the Stitch definition is AMAZING. 

If any of you are like me and have trouble with yarn snagging when crocheting with a larger hook, you won't have that problem here! This yarn glides off your hook allowing this throw to work up in a breeze. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty to this pattern, if you are a visual crocheter (like myself) I have included a video tutorial via my Youtube Channel.

Finished Measurement:

After wet blocking and lying flat:

42” Wide

57” Long



In double crochet using an 8.00mm Crochet hook and bulky (5) weight yarn

10 Stitches = 4”

6 Rows = 4”




Ch - Chain

DC - Double Crochet

SK - Skip

P - Puff Stitch

Puff Stitch - *YO, insert hook through stitch, YO, pull through (3 Loops on hook), repeat from * until you have 9 loops on your hook, YO, pull through all 9 loops. 


- 8.00mm Crochet Hook

- 1,400 Yards Bulky (5) Yarn

- Measuring Tape

-  Scissors

-  Yarn Needle


Written Pattern:



R1 - Turn, DC into 3rd Ch from hook and across (107)

R2-R10 - Ch2, Turn, DC across (107)

R11-R13 - Ch2, Turn, *DC, Ch1, Sk1, DC, Repeat from * across (107)

R14 - Ch2, Turn, *DC, P around chain space, DC, repeat from * across (107)

R15-R17 - Ch2, Turn, *DC, Ch1, Sk1, DC, Repeat from * across (107)

Repeat Rows 1 through Row 17 for a total of 78 Rows.

Fasten Off. Weave in ends. 


This is optional. Attaching fringe to both the foundation row and last row give this blanket a gorgeous “bohemian” look. You can easily attach fringe by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Cut 2 strands of yarn that measure 12” across

Step 2 - Insert hook through the back of your first stitch, pull both loops half way through.

Step 3 - Pull remainder of strands through the loops on your hook.

Make sure to skip every other stitch when attaching your fringe across rows.

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