The Nytt Beanie Knitting Pattern


My husband recently came home with a new sweater he found at another big box store. He was so excited to show me the detailed stitches and cables. My husband can be so supportive with my business that he tries to help any way possible, this time he was hoping to inspire me. He did just that! Now I’m normally not one to try and mimic clothing I see in stores (for the obvious reason being you can purchase it at the store) so I went ahead and took just a few of the unique stitch patterns used within the seater, modified them to my liking and born was the Nytt Beanie!

Name Meaning

Nytt is the Swedish word for “New.” This word can have so many meanings but for me it meant exactly what I was doing. I realized that it was time to jump full force into my knitting. I have always loved the look and make of knits. I wanted to start my new business off with a basic project, like a hat, while using an intricate design.

Sizing and Materials

The Nytt Beanie comes in two sizes, Women’s and Men’s. Now just because you are a woman/man doesn’t exactly mean you should make that size. I personally prefer my fitted hats to be a bit looser, I’m not a fan of wearing too tight of hats so I generally will make the men’s size when working up a hat for my own use. You can easily do the same.

US 6/4.00mm Knitting Needles
US 8/ 5.00mm Knitting Needles
16” Cord
180-220 yards Medium (4) weight yarn
Stitch Marker
Cable Stitch Holder
Yarn Needle


When knitting a pattern sometimes you may feel intimidated when it comes to working the stitches. I totally understand that. A full tutorial on cable knitting can be found on my Youtube Channel. I hope this helps with any struggles you may come across.

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