Gavi Socks Knitting Pattern


The Gavi Socks came to be when I was driving around our little town and admiring its beauty. My husband (the source of many pattern inspiration) asked me why I haven’t tried knitting socks before. It hit me that I have knit sweaters, hats, scarves, you name it. Socks just seemed so intimidating but I was itching to learn something new. I stayed up late one night with the intention to learn everything I could pertaining to the construction and design of knitted socks. Born was the Gavi Socks.

Name Meaning

Gavi comes from the Hebrew words meaning, “God is my strength.”


Sizing and Materials

The Gavi socks can be made in 3 sizes women’s US Foot Sizes - 4-6.5(7-9.5, 10-12.5). Instructions are given to increase the length of the foot if needed.

US 7/4.50mm Knitting Needles

32” Cord or larger

200-230 yards Medium (4) weight yarn

3 Stitch Markers (2 of which the same color)

Yarn Needle


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