Slip Stitch Bind Off Method : Binding Off with a Crochet Hook

If you're anything like me, binding off is THE WORST part of knitting (with weaving in ends following of course).

I always felt like when I was doing the basic bind off method, it looked messy, was really tight and took forever. After going through pretty much every knitting book I own, I came across the slip stitch bind off method. 

I was really intrigued when I read about this method because I am an advanced crochet, so the idea of using my crochet hook to bind off a knit project sounded like a dream! 

This method is now my "Go To" bind off method. My "Mysa Top" pattern will be releasing soon (I'll make sure to update you guy's here once the pattern is available) and the slip stitch bind off is used within this pattern. 

So, I decided to provide you guy's with a video tutorial through my Youtube Channel which you can find linked below. 

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