Increasing When Knitting : The Make One Method


When knitting different projects I often find myself needing to icnrease. Whether it be a hat, garment, or shawl. I have found my favorite method to be the "Make One" or abbreviated in patterns as "M1"

What's so great about this increase is it's pretty much invisible! You rarely are able to tell you've increased, which is obviously great when you want your work to look clean and professional. 

My "Mysa Top" pattern will be releasing soon (I'll make sure to update you guy's here once the pattern is available) the Make One method is used within this pattern. As you can tell this increase is visible if you are using it more frequently on top of one another. 

A video tutorial from my Youtube Channel is linked below. This tutorial goes over how to do the "Make One" increase when knitting. 

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