Newborn Ribbed Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

Hey Guy's!

So I recently challenged myself to knit/crochet a newborn hat for the next 30 days. I find that I get so consumed with using my craft for work that I forget to use it for the good of others as well. So, I will be donating all of these hats to my local hospital once i'm done. If any of you are willing to join me, I will be posting a newborn hat pattern EVERYDAY for the next 30 days! Yay!

Today, we will be making a really easy and quick ribbed hat! This hat is worked flat (because your girl doesn't know how to use double pointed needles) and seamed together at the end. 

The yarn I used was a sample skein of 100% Merino Wool I received from Koigu yarn while at Our Maker Life. So I'm actually not sure which color it is but I honestly can't express to you all how SOFT this yarn become once blocked. Like SO SOFT. 


Let's get into the pattern!



Hat is worked flat the seemed once finished.

One size fits the average newborn baby’s head.



US 13 9.00mm Knitting Needles

Bulky Weight Yarn (Approx. 50 yards)

Small Pom Maker


Yarn Needle



CO - Cast On

K - Knit

P - Purl

K2Tog - Knit 2 Stitches Together (Decrease)

P2Tog - Purl 2 Stitches Together (Decrease)



CO 32

Row 1-15 -  *K2, P2, Repeat from * across

Row 16 - *K2Tog, P2, Repeat from * across

R17 - *K1, P2, Repeat from * across

Row 18 - *K1, P2Tog, Repeat from * across

Binding Off - Cut a long tail (approx 7”) using a needle, weave through the remaining stitches are your needle. Remove your needle and pull the end tight. Using the rest of the tail to mattress stitch the open ends of the hat together.


Weave in ends.

Optional- Add a pom pom to make this hat extra-adorable!

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