Cottage Socks - Knitting Tutorial

The Cottage socks are finally here! So, I have to start out by saying, if you have never knit socks before this is your chance. I’M NOT KIDDING. I was scared for the longest time to learn how to knit socks, all I had ever seen was the insane amount of needles (DPN’s are terrifying and you can’t change my mind) so I would just avoid the idea of learning to knit socks. BUT one day, I came to find out that the Magic Loop Method (Video Tutorial HERE) can be used instead of the DPN’s. MIND BLOWN.

So, maybe it wasn’t the needles that scared you away from learning to knit socks. On one of my Instagram poll’s most you answered that the main reason you strayed away from knitting socks was the heel flap/turn. I promise you when I say this part isn’t difficult AT ALL. To better help you work your first pair of socks I went ahead and took as many instructional photos and filmed an in depth Youtube Tutorial (HERE) so that you can knit your socks along with me; step by step.

I really can’t wait to see how each of your socks turn out (please send me photos, they make my day!) You won’t regret the excitement you’ll feel finished your very first (or 100th) pair of socks!


Materials -

US 6/4.00mm Knitting Needles

32” Cord or larger

Yarn (Color A) - Lion Brand Jeans in Vintage - Approx. 50-80 yards

Yarn (Color B) - Lion Brand Jeans in Top Stitch - Approx. 150-200 yards

3 Stitch Markers (2 of which the same color)

Yarn Needle

Gauge -

Stockinette in the round

22 Sts = 4”

32 Rounds - 4”

Abbreviations -

K - Knit

P - Purl

LN - Left Hand Needle

SL - Slip 1

SLP - Slip 1 as if to Purl

K2Tog - Knit Two Stitches Together (dec)

P2Tog - Purl Two Stitches Together (dec)

SSK - Slip Slip Knit (dec)

Sts - Stitches

Notes -

Size adjustments are listed as such Women’s US Foot Sizes - 4-6.5(7-9.5, 10-12.5)

I have a tendency to knit tightly. I strongly recommend checking gauge before starting.

Cottage Socks Video Tutorial Part One -

Cottage Socks Video Tutorial Part Two -

Magic Loop Method Video Tutorial -

Kitchener Stitch - Skip to 35:00 in Part Two of the Cottage Sock Video Tutorial



Using Color B along with the long tail method Cast On 36(44,52)sts onto your circular needles. Place your stitch marker on your right-hand needle and join.


R1-R10 - *K2, P2, repeat around


Color A

R11-R40 - K around

Heel Flap

Color B

Remove marker, working into half the stitch 18(22,26) begin working flat, leaving the rest of the stitches on hold.

R41 (WS) - K1, P across until 1st remains, holding yarn in front SL1P

R42 (RS) - *K1, SLP1, repeat across until 1st remains, holding yarn in front SL1P

Repeat rows 41 & 42 for 20 TOTAL rows OR until your work measures approx. 2”


Heel Turn


R60 - SL1, P9(11,13) P2Tog, P1, Turn

R61 - SL1, K3, SSK, K1, Turn

R62 - SL1, P4, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R63 - SL1, K5, SSk, K1, Turn

R64 - SL1, P6, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R65 - SL1, K7, SSK, K1, Turn

Size US 4-6.5 only

R66 - SL1, P8, P2Tog, Turn

R67 - SL1, K8, SSK

10Sts remaining, continue on to Gusset

Size US 7-9.5 only

R66 - SL1, P8, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R67 - SL1, K9, SSK, K1, Turn

R68 - SL1, P10, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R69 - SL1, K10, SSK

12Sts remaining, continue on to Gusset

Size US 10-12.5 only

R66 - SL1, P8, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R67 - SL1, K9, SSK, K1, Turn

R68 - SL1, P10, P2Tog, P1, Turn

R69 - SL1, K11, SSK, K1, Turn

R70 - SL1, P12, P2Tog

R71 - SL1, K12, SSK

14Sts remaining, continue on to Gusset


Color A

R1 - Working down the bottom of the heel flap, pick up 9(10,11)sts, PM (matching marker), K 18(22,26)sts across the top of the toe, PM (matching marker), Pick up 9,(10,11)sts along the side of the gusset. PM(different colored marker) in the center of the heel to mark the beginning of each new round.


Gusset Decrease

R2 - K up to 2sts before marker, K2tog, K up to next marker, SSK into the 2sts after marker, K to end 44(52,60)

R3 - K


Repeat rounds 2 & 3 for 10 TOTAL rounds

Stitch Count -

R2 - 44(52,60)

R3 - 42(50,58)

R4 - 42(50,58)

R5 - 40(48,56)

R6 - 40(48,56)

R7 - 38(46,54)

R8 - 38(46,54)

R9 - 36(44,52)

Remove matching decrease markers

Foot Length

This section can be adjusted to fit any foot size, I recommend working 28(34,42) rounds, knitting the last round in Color B. For a better fit make sure to work up to 1.5” less than your total length. ( )

Toe Decrease

Color B

Remove marker (beginning of round) K into the next 9(11,13) sts, PM to mark the new beginning of the round. At this point you should have 18(22,26)sts on the top of the foot and 18(22,26)sts on the bottom of the foot.

R1 - K1, SSK, K12(16,20) K2Tog, K2, SSK, K12(16,20), K2Tog, K1

R2 - K each stitch around 32(40,48)

R3 - K1, SSK, K10(14,18), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K10(14,18), K2Tog, K1

R4 - K each stitch around  28(36,44)

R5 - K1, SSK, K8(12,16), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K8(12,16), K2Tog, K1

R6 - K each stitch around  24(32,40)

R7 - K1, SSK, K6(10,14), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K6(10,14), K2Tog K1

R8 - K each stitch around  20(28,36)

Size 4-6.5 Continue to Kitchener Stitch

R9 - K1, SSK, K(8,12), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K(8,12), K2Tog K1

R10 - K each stitch around  (24,32)

R11 - K1, SSK,K(6,10), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K(6,10), K2Tog, K1

R12 - K each stitch around  (20,28)

Size 7-9.5 Continue to Kitchener Stitch

R13 - K1, SSK,K(8), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K(8), K2Tog, K1

R14 - K each stitch around (24)

R15 - K1, SSK,K(4), K2Tog, K2, SSK, K(4), K2Tog, K1

R16 - K each stitch around (20)

Size 10-12.5 Continue to Kitchener Stitch

Kitchener Stitch - Skip to 35:00 in Part Two of the Cottage Sock Video Tutorial -