October 2018 - Traffic & Income Report

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This will be my 4th month fully blogging. I have to say this new approach to my business has done so much for me! I want to share my income reports with you all for a few reasons. I decided to start my blog after being influenced by others, there income reports always shocked me, the idea that I could make money from a hobby I loved doing was amazing. I’m hoping I can do the same for you guy’s! I also love the idea of taking note on all the income, expenses, traffic, etc. That goes along with my blog. It will be so interesting to see the changes that happen for me this year.

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What I’ve learned this month -

  1. Pinterest can do SO MUCH more for my traffic than I realized. I discovered Tailwind towards the end of this month and can’t believe what it’s done for my traffic in just a few weeks. Novembers Income & Traffic report will prove this.

What I will be changing this month -

  1. This month I applied to Adthrive, this ad company is known for paying more but can also be pretty exclusive. Let’s hope I get approved! Mediavine has been amazing but i’m ready to see if I can up my ad revenue these next few months.

What I hope to see in the future -

  1. I’m hoping to learn more about brand deals and sponsored posts. I’m a total newbie when it comes to the idea.

Page views via Squarespace (My Google Analytics disconnected this month for some reason and I had to reconnect which lost all of my previous data)

October Page views - 105k +

Gross Income -

Mediavine - $795.76

Etsy - $665.00

Ravelry - $41.80

LoveKnitting - $22.22

Amazon Associates - $27.57

Total - $1,552.35

Expenses -

Etsy Fees - $79.60

Ravelry - $2.66

Supplies - $42.00

Squarespace Site - $26

Total - $150.26

Net Profit - $1,402

I do have to pay taxes on what I make but I have to make note; my job is SO EASY. I am a stay at home mom and am still able to provide for my family in a way that also makes me so happy.

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