How To Start Your Own Blog

Hey Guy’s!

So recently, I decided I would share what I’ve learned these past few months while blogging. It’s been a huge mountain for me to climb, in many ways I wasn’t aware of. With multiple bumps in the road.

Now, In no way am I trying to scare you from starting your own blog, in fact i’m doing the complete opposite. I believe everyone should have a website to use for their hobbies. It’s amazing to have a place to go that is 100% yours. Having my own website gives me the freedom to share my love for crafting and really any other hobby/topic that comes to my mind. In fact, I’ve been thinking about adding recipes to my blog! Sure, most of my website currently consists of crocheting, but that doesn’t mean I can’t grow my website with my own life and include more of my interests.

To kick off the whole reason I’m writing this post; I will be sharing with you all how you can start your own website in no time for only $3.95 a month! That’s an insane deal.

I’ll start off by going over the basics of creating your own website.

  1. Think of a unique but easily remembered domain name. A domain name is the URL address that links directly to your website. Customized by you of course! For example my domain name is Domain names can be purchased through your web host (Blue Host for example) I say “easily remembered” for one reason only, you want your viewers to keep coming back right? Well, If you have an over complicated or long name, that can make it hard for people to remember you and come back.

  2. Decided on a web host. A web host is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. (Definition found on There are plenty of computer savvy people out there who are able to design their own website using codes all on their own. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. Most of us aren’t that computer savvy, so we need web hosts! The great thing about using a web host is you always have someone to help you with any technological issues and take care of all the confusing coding that goes into building a website. Today I’ll be showing you guy’s how to use Blue Host (Only $3.95/month) as your web host and how to start working with them.

That’s it! If you can decide on those two basic points you are ready to build your own website and starting making your dreams come true. Now, let’s pretend you decided to use Blue Host as your web host and want to know what to do next, I will be taking you step by step.

  1. Search “Blue Host” Into google or click this link HERE to go to their website directly. Once you’ve arrived on the homepage you will see a bright green button that reads “Get Started Now” go ahead and click that button.

2. From this point the page title should read “Select Your Plan.” You can decide which plan fits your website and lifestyle best. I always recommend the “basic” plan to beginner’s for the simple reason that this plan is the cheapest and includes a domain name. Which means to hassle to switch your domain over to Blue Host.

Don’t let the initial cost scare you, once you’ve got your website up and running (Ads and affiliate marketing included) you will be making money back.

Go ahead and read through each plan and “select” the plan you’ve decided on.

3. After choosing your plan, the next page title should read “Sign Up Now.” At this point you will be asked to either choose a domain name or transfer an existing domain name bought from another host.

4. Once you’ve chosen your domain name go ahead and click “next.” You should be brought to the next page titled, “Create Your Account.” Fill in all of the information asked for (Remember not to share this information with anyone!) Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit.”

Pretty much got all of the “web hosting” part of building your website done! You will be asked to create a password (Again, don’t share this information with ANYONE.)

From this point Blue Host will have you download Wordpress (the blogging software this particular host uses to build your actual website) and this is when you are able to start getting creative with your website! Choose from all of the templates and start making your website as beautiful and unique as you are!

I hope you all take advantage of this amazing deal Blue host is sharing with you all right now ($3.95/ month is a STEAL) Head on over and get busy building the website of your dreams!