Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

Hello! The other day my husband and I went on a date for my Birthday, which in turn means we went to every craft store I wanted. It was great, but also SUPER overwhelming. I always end up with so many ideas for decorating but then become overcome with ideas that I give up. This time I told myself I would approach the Hobby Lobby with only two ideas in mind and that was it; Fall decor for our dining room table and end tables.

I am proud to admit this trip was a success! At least I think it was. Don’t get me wrong, I am by far an interior decorator. My style and taste are very “basic” and “cheap.” I hate spending a ton of money on decorations, yet I want my home to be fully decorated for each and every holiday possible.


Leading me into a new series I have decided to start here on the blog, simple and cheap home decor ideas! I want to share with you all the ways I decorate my home on a budget. I hope you all enjoy my “basic” style as much as I do!

So, it’s pumpkin season ya’ll. I knew walking into Hobby Lobby I would end up leaving with at least a dozen pumpkins. And I was not wrong! I really wanted to give my dining table a variety of pumpkin shapes and colors, but I needed to avoid the bright and “in your face” colors that pumpkins can come in sometimes. Hobby Lobby is honestly the perfect place for this, they have a variety of styles and collections for almost everyone.

I never thought I would say the word “pumpkin” so much in one blog post, yet here we are. Really though, I’m sitting here eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as I write this post. It’s pumpkin season and I am HERE for it. We won’t get into how many Pumpkin Spice Lattes i’ve already had, and it’s only October 3rd. Shhhhh…

Anyway, I came across a “bag” full of pumpkins which included just what I was looking for; pumpkins in a variety of shapes and colors. I should also mention all of the holiday decor was 40-50% off at my Hobby Lobby when I went shopping for these items. This could be different for you!

These pumpkins were a great price after taking off the 40% sale they had going on; just $5.99! You can purchase this bag of pumpkins here. They came with just enough to surround my candle pedestal. Quick and easy decorating. As for the little pinecones you see spread around, those I found at my local dollar store. Sadly, we don’t have a link for those particular pinecones folks.

After we finished up at Hobby Lobby it was time to find a candle and pedestal for the very center of my “centerpiece.” Naturally, when one needs candles the go-to place just happens to be Bath And Body Works!

Bath And Body Works had a great sale going on as well (I didn’t plan this, I swear)! All of their candles were $10 off, making their 3 wick candles only $14 each. It was a straight-up steal.

I ran straight to the “fall” pumpkin scents, after what felt like hours of my nose nearly falling off from all the different smells I found one I loved - Carmel Pumpkin Swirl. So Yummy! This candle smells like a mix between cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin. I’m not one to love food scented candles but this one had the perfect amount of sweet to it. The perfect scent for fall! You can purchase this candle here.

the next piece needed for the Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece adventure was to find the perfect candle pedestal. Honestly though, I wanted to find a pedestal that I could use year round. I’m not one to constantly be changing out decorations that aren’t really necessary. They had so many adorable pumpkin themed pedestal but I couldn’t spend the money on one that would only be used for one season of the year. I went ahead and chose the Vine Leaf Pedestal. Perfect for every season and is beautiful! You can purchase this pedestal here for just $15.50.

The grand total of this Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece ended up at $35.50! That’s pretty budget-friendly if you ask me!

If you are interested in how I decorated my end tables you can find the blog post for that HERE. Thank you all so much for going along with me on this Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece adventure. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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