The Opal Shrug - Free Crochet Pattern

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***The AD FREE Printable PDF for this pattern can be found HERE.***

The Opal shrug has to be the most "out of my comfort zone" pattern i've created yet. That may sound odd, do to the fact this design is a simple shrug. But, let's be real here you guy's. I don't EVER wear shrugs. I can never find a shrug that actually fits my body right.

Well, I am so happy to say the Opal shrug has passed the test. This design is great because the fit isn't to long or short. It doesn't hug your body in any weird way and seriously looks amazing on all shapes and sizes. 

This design is worked in a flat rectangle, seaming is done at the end to create the front opening and armholes. For yarn, I used my new ALL TIME favorite acrylic yarn for garments. Lion Brand's ZZ Twist. Listen to me when I say this yarn is SO SOFT, but not in the "hot, horrible and sweaty in the summer" kind of soft, it's just soft.

This yarn was created with crocheters in mind ( Say What!?) which means when crocheting with this yarn you'll get an AMAZING drape and stitch definition, FINALLY.

There is a Youtube Tutorial you can find linked below for this pattern as well.

Let's get into the pattern!



- 5.50mm Crochet Hook

- 3.75mm Crochet Hook

-  3-5 balls Lion Brand ZZ Twist  yarn in the color Cranberry (OR approximately Small - 630 yards Medium - 780 yards Large - 920 yards X-Large -1,080 yards Medium 4  weight yarn)

-  Measuring Tape

- 2 Stitch Markers

-  Scissors

-  Yarn Needle



In Half Double Crochet using 5.50mm Crochet Hook

19 Sts = 4”

9 Rows = 4”



Ch – Chain

SC - Single Crochet

SK - Skip

HDC - Half Double Crochet

SC BLO - Single Crochet in the Back Loop Only

Sts - Stitches



  • Two crochet hooks are used in each row of this pattern.

  • Ribbing is worked at the same time as the body of the shrug. This can cause the ribbing to “pull” this can be fixed with wet blocking once finished.

  • This pattern is a two row repeat.

  • Half Double Crochets are stacked.

  • When counting stitches include chain space as one stitch.

  • Size adjustments are listed as such (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)

  • Modeled in size small with 33” bust as reference.

  • The AD FREE Printable PDF for this pattern can be found HERE.


Using Larger Hook - Chain (72, 82, 92, 102)

R1 - Ch1, Turn, *HDC, Ch1, Sk1, HDC, repeat from * across until 10 Sts remain, Switch to smaller hook, SC into last 10 Sts (71, 81, 91, 101)

R2 - Using smaller hook, Ch1, Turn, SC BLO into next 10 Sts, Switch to larger hook, *HDC, Ch1, Sk1, HDC* Repeat from * across (71,  81, 91, 101)

R3 - Using larger hook, Ch1, Turn, *HDC, Ch1, Sk1, HDC* Repeat from * until 10 Sts remain, Switch to smaller hook, SC BLO into each stitch across (71,  81, 91, 101)

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 for a total of (146, 152, 158, 164) Rows.

Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Seaming -

You should be left with a large rectangle at this point we will begin seaming your work to create the shrug.

Step 1 - Using your preferred seaming method (I used the slip stitch) Fold your work in half and seam the foundation row to the ending row. Fasten Off.


Step 2 - Fold work so that the seam is wrong side out and facing you. Center the seam as evenly possible. Using your stitch markers, mark (7, 7, 7.5, 8)” in from each side and place marker. Seam in between these stitch markers.  Fasten off, weave in ends.