Getting Out Of Inspirational Ruts

We've all been there. No matter what kind of artist, writer, or maker you are, you have probably hit that inspirational roadblock that leaves you coming up dry. I know I have spent days, even weeks at times to find and make projects and patterns. I was having a hard time feeling passionate about anything I could come up with. I frogged many of my works in progress and couldn't understand why I wasn't loving any new ideas. Well, here are a few steps I take to "rekindle" the inspiration so to speak.


Step 1: Take a deep breath and a step back.

Often when I am having difficulties getting my mojo back, (or understanding something new) I will take a step back or even take a couple days off to clear my head and come back into the game with a fresh perspective. Getting outside for an hour or two sometimes does the trick. This can sometimes be difficult for me to step away because I can feel this sense of urgency to do so much work everyday. But it's important to remember that the quality of my work will improve because of this.

Step 2: Look for outside inspiration.

Usually while I am taking a couples days off to get a fresh look on things, I will look for other sources of inspiration. Whether it be through music, reading the bible, other similar work, or just praying about it. I sometimes just like taking a look through Pinterest or Instagram, and diving into the maker community for thoughts and feedback. This can be very helpful knowing that there are other people doing what I do, and they have similar roadblocks as me. I know that I can revive my inner creative voice and continue working on things through inspiration. This is probably where some of my favorite work has stemmed from and these are the times I enjoy the most. There really isn't anything better than making progress on goals that inspire you and knowing that your work is getting you somewhere.

Step 3: Get motivated.

Sometimes, even when we are inspired, our energy levels and motivation don't seem to keep up with the passion. That's why it is important to take time to rest and think about our goals to everyday so we don't lose momentum. You'll thank yourself later for keeping at it. Nobody is ever upset when they reach their goals early and if I procrastinate I know it can be a sinking feeling to not be moving forward.

All these things keep the day today interesting and the next time I pick up that crochet hook, (or knitting needles) I know that I am locked and loaded, ready to go. So let's get inspired, and I will see you guys next time!

inspirational rut.jpg