Plume Shawl Pattern Release | Sassy Strings Yarn Review

If you’ve been following my design process, you may notice I lack a very popular knit/crochet accessory that most people adore; shawls.

Where I live it is insanely hot. Like dry, I’m always dehydrated, hot. So Shawls tend to be a piece I often place in the back of my mind. It’s honestly a shame, shawls can be so versatile and allow for so much creativity. You can use basically any yarn with almost every stitch. 

It’s a designers dream.


So when I reached out to Tracy from Sassy Strings Yarn Studio in hopes for a collaboration together I had a shawl design in mind. Tracy sent me two GORGEOUS skeins of super wash merino wool yarn, I’ll be honest with you guys I’ve never worked with this kind of yarn before. I know, shocking. I tend to use big box store brands until recently I’ve been converted to indie dyes and natural fibers. Sassy strings was just that! 

After receiving her yarn, I was overwhelmed with excitement, both skeins were beautifully dyed and the pebbles yarn has such lovely speckles. I just had to make a shawl with this yarn! I couldn't believe how delightful this yarn looked once worked up, these colors worked together magnificently and once blocked, the fiber became lightweight and SO SOFT.

So, here I am. The Plume Shawl Pattern was recent released this week. This design was my first of many new shawls coming. I wanted my first to be simple, versatile, and lightweight. The Plume Shawl is just that!

You can find the pattern for this design available on both Etsy and Ravelry. And if you are interested in making your own Plume Shawl using Tracy’s yarn she was generous enough to provide a discount code for two skeins of yarn within my pattern.

Thank you for stopping by and please tag me with photos if you have worked up your own Plume Shawl!