How to Make REAL Money Crocheting

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I have received a multitude of messages these past few months from fellow crocheters (and knitters) asking a variety of questions pertaining to how I am able to afford being a stay at home mom and make a REAL income from my crocheting. I decided I would put together a list of legitimate ways that I (and SO MANY others) make money from this craft. I do want to put out a disclaimer first and foremost that these methods work for me but they won't all work for everyone, we each live a diverse life and encounter different struggles when it comes to finances. I am hoping that at least one of these methods can be hopeful for some of you. 

Below I have listed 5 different methods of creating your own income listed from the least to greatest effective. 

5.  Sell Your Finished Items.

So this method of creating an income for yourself through crocheting is probably one of the most popular. When selling your finished items you are free to make and work as much as you like. Below I provided a list of Pro's and Con's as well as resources I have found work well for this method. 


- Set Your Own Hours. If you are the kind of person who can easily stay up late after the kids go to bed and crank out 10 hats, this method is perfect for you! 

- You Decided How Much You Get Paid. YES, this is one of the rare occasions where you as both the boss and employee are able to come up with how much you will be paying yourself. I've seen people charge anywhere from $5-$60 for a crochet hat. I do recommend you make sure to take other factors (such as minimum wage, hours worked, cost of materials, etc.) into consideration when deciding on this approach. 

- You Decide on What YOU Want to Make. When selling your own finished products you are able to freely choose what you will be making. There are so many different kinds of crocheters out there, those of us who like to make garments, hats and scarves, blankets, amigurumi , and so much more! 


- It's A LOT of Work. If you're anything like me, having small children on top of making a large stockpile of finished products is hard work. Definitely not impossible but if being a night owl isn't exactly up your alley, I don't recommend going this route. 

- It Can Take Time. I wish it was just as easy as putting up a Facebook post or Etsy listing and make a whole lot of money overnight, but that's not always the case. Occasionally, it can take up to 6 months to receive your first order. This isn't always your fault though, sometimes you just need to rack up some nice reviews so people can trust you. 

Here is a few places I have found work great for selling finished crochet products:

- Etsy

- Facebook

- Local Craft Shows

- Amazon Handmade

- Shopify

The Genesis Kimono (Free Pattern)

The Genesis Kimono (Free Pattern)

4. Pattern Testing.

Pattern testing is one of the less known methods of creating an income from crocheting. Below I provided a list of Pro's and Con's as well as resources I have found work well for this method. 


- Straight Forward. When testing patterns for individuals and companies you aren't required to really do much work besides test the pattern and take thorough notes. If you are able to read written patters, charts and can get work done in a timely manner this method is great for you.

- You Receive Patterns For Free. When getting paid from a company/designer to test a pattern you are often being paid for your time, which also means you will be receiving a pattern for FREE. Yay!



- You Don't Always Get Paid in Money Form. Sometimes the company/designer can decide to pay you in different ways, such as a free pattern, yarn support, or giving you a shout out on their social media platforms. This works for some but for those of us who need a real income pattern testing isn't always consistent. 

- Lack of Creative Freedom. At the end of the day you are trying to make money by using a skill you have. That doesn't always mean you are able to make what you want. If someone is willing to pay good money for a pattern tester to make a sweater you don't find appealing, you may have to make it anyway. 

- The Money Is Not always Consistent. You may have months with a copious amount of testing from companies/designers who are paying good, and other months with maybe a handful of okay payments. This method can vary greatly depending on your skill level, craft, location, etc. 

Here are a few ways to find pattern testing jobs:

- Ravelry Forums

- Craiglist

- Facebook Crochet Groups

- Google Search "Paid Crochet Pattern Testing"

3. Teach Your Craft.

Teaching others how to crochet (or any other craft for that matter) can be an AMAZING way to make an income and help others along the way. Below I provided a list of Pro's and Con's as well as resources I have found work well for this method. 


- Easily Able to Make Money. This method is the easiest way to make an income. Know at least 5 people who want to crochet? Charge as low as $50 for one class and you've made $250 in one day. Just don't forget to take your time and cost of materials for each student into consideration.

- As Constant as You Want it to Be. Talk to your local library/community center and make a deal to teach crochet classes once a week. You can easily make your income more dependable and do what you love. 

- Meet Others Who Enjoy What You Love to Do. You can easily make more crochet friends through this income method. Maybe you'll be able to start a late night wine and crochet group this way.

- Digital Teacher. This is a method I use myself. Youtube is the PERFECT way to teach others how to crochet without having to actually be there in person. You are creating a residual income this way because Youtube uses Google Ads which pay you per view and watch hours. 


- You Must Be Patient. I listed this point as a con only because for some people it can be hard to teach others a skill you yourself have already mastered. Patience is a MUST for this method. 

Resources you can use to teach others how to crochet:

- The Yarn Council

- Youtube

- Craftsy

- Local Community Center/Library


2. Blog About It.

Blogging is a great way to share everything you love about crocheting.


-Multiple avenues to Make an Income. Easily get paid from Ad companies who want to place advertisements on your website. The more views you receive on your website the more money you make. 

- Affiliate Marketing. Have you ever been on someones website, then found they had linked you to a product in an outside source? Have you ever wondered why that was? This is because if a blogger can get you to go to a different site and purchase from them (Amazon being the most popular) they make a commission off of your purchase. Below is an example of way’s I use affiliate marketing within my own blog.

- Yarn Companies Pay You. Yes, that's right. If you can make your blog successful enough yarn companies will come to you to share their newest products and PAY you for it. It's seriously a dream come true. 

- Share Whatever You Want About Your Craft. Maybe you like crocheting and want to share you finished products, personal designs, your love of yarn, whatever it may be! Having a website gives you the freedom to talk about anything you want and make money at the same time. 


It's a Lot of Work. It may seem like all bloggers need to do is write a post and share it but thats only a small portion of the work that goes into each post. As a blogger you must learn to market yourself, share your posts on all social media platforms, and learn to write informative posts. 

Resources you can use to monetize your blog:

- Google Adsense

- Mediavine

- AdThrive

- Amazon Affiliate

Host Recommendation:

The Seamstress Top (Free Pattern)

The Seamstress Top (Free Pattern)

1. Pattern Designing.

This method is by far my favorite and the most effective I have used. Below I provided a list of Pro's and Con's as well as resources I have found work well for this method.


- Creative Freedom. As a pattern designer you are free to create WHATEVER you want. This is the BEST part. I love making garments, so I am able to do what I love everyday.

- There is a Variety of Routes To Sell Your Patterns. I prefer selling through both Ravelry and Etsy both for different reasons. There are other methods as well such as Craftsy, your own website, Magazines, Etc. 

- Residual Income. Once the work is done the money is just coming in. It's the best feeling to know that after the countless hours of designing and the pattern being tested is over your work is going to be making money for the rest of forever. 

- Create Your Own Website with Free Patterns. This is what I do. This method is great because not only are you able to share you designs for FREE with fellow crocheters but make money from Ad companies (like Google Adsense) at the same time.


- You're On Your Own. Besides the little help you may receive from other Makers within the community most of the time when designing and writing up your patterns you are on your own. This means a lot of mistakes and learning for yourself. 

- Sometimes Your Designs Just Don't Sell. And that's totally ok! We've all had a design that we believed was PERFECT and would be the most popular piece you've ever done. But that doesn't always pan out. Sometimes, the designs that aren't your favorite end up making you the most money. 

Here is a list of resources you can use to sell your pattern designs:

- Ravelry

- Etsy

- Craftsy

- Magazines

- Craft Shows

- Your Own Website (Bluehost)

- Pattern Fish

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read all of the methods I have found are great for making your own income crocheting!