Call for Pattern Testers!

I am currently in search for a number of dedicated pattern testers. After recent review I have decided I am in need of a group of beginner through advanced knit and crochet pattern testers who are willing to work with me long term. 

Could that be you?

I have few requirements for my pattern testers. 

1. Familiarity with written patterns and charts.

This is VERY important. As I am in need of testers who are familiar with reading written patterns and charts. 

2. Grammar, punctuations, pattern layout, etc.

Testers who are capable of finding grammatical errors within my pattern is necessary. I am not always the best at spelling and grammar (let's be honest here). 

3. Be honest, dedicated, and timely. 

I have dealt with many testers who did not keep to there word and finish what was promised in a timely manner. I try my hardest to run a professional business and I need professional testers as well. 

4. Constructive criticism and detailed notes.

Detailed notes mean SO MUCH to me. They tell me you (as a tester) payed close attention and care to help me. I appreciate all that my testers do, but without notes I am at a loss on what I need to fix within my pattern. 

5. Materials

As of right now I am unable to provide materials to my testers for each pattern. I am looking for testers who have the ability to provide their own yarn. 

6. Photography and Social Media

When testing my patterns I love to share photographs on all my social media platforms like Instagram, Ravelry, and Facebook. Because of this I need testers who are able to take clean and professional photographs of both your work in progress and finished projects from my designs. Testers are asked to post photos on their own social media platforms as well. 

If testing for Hooked on Tilly is something you are interested in, please fill out the form below. (feel free to print the PDF and handwrite your response OR copy and paste both the questions and answers into your email) E-mail it to me at: 

Tester Application for Hooked On Tilly can be found HERE. 

Thank you!