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Hey guy’s!

So I have some really exciting news to share with you all. I have recently been trying to figure out how I can make my patterns even more accessible to you guys. As most of you know, each and everyone one of my patterns can be found for free on my blog. The downside to this is I need to place ad’s so that I am still able to make an income from my work, which in turn helps me to give you all as much of my free designs as possible. I absolutely love doing this, but I know that a website is not always easy for some of you to read or access, which leads me to my Pdf patterns that most of you like to purchase through Etsy and sometimes Ravelry.

So, back to my idea. I want to be able to give you guy’s my patterns as PDFS for better reading and creating purposes, but to do this I will still need a way to make an income from them. So, I found Patreon. Patreon is a really cool way that gives each of you an option for different subscription plans, ranging from Light weight at $5 a month, Worsted weight at $8 a month, and Bulky weight at $10 a month. Notice the yarn weight references? I thought it would be a fun way to bring yarn into the plan names! So, now I bet you all are wondering what kind of rewards you will receive through each plan, or maybe why you should even bother signing up? Well, to start off each subscription plan has a different number of PDF patterns that you will automatically receive upon signing up. Light weight patrons will receive 10 patterns, Worsted weight patrons will receive 20 patterns, and Bulky weight patrons will receive 30 patterns. And every time a new patterns is released to my blog, you will automatically receive it as a PDF through Patreon. No more purchasing patterns from me again!

This means you could receive anywhere from 2-4 PDF patterns from me each month. That isn’t where this stops! As a patron, you will receive a special coupon code for my Etsy shop to use whenever you’d like for any pattern you haven’t purchased at this point. The best part of each subscription plan? Each plan will receive every new Pdf pattern that will come out from this point on. Ya it’s that great, no more worrying about dealing with ad’s on my site, you will automatically receive the Pdf on Patreon and be able to print it out as soon as you receive it and get started on your projects even quicker! I love this idea for many different reasons, and I’m hoping you guys do as well. Just think of all the possibiltles and how much money and time you will be saving! So go ahead and check out my Patreon at and get signed up so you can start working on all the crochet and knit projects your heart desires!