The Arlo Zipper Pouch - Free Crochet Pattern

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Hey Guy's!

So, I recently decided I would challenge myself to design a few more "smaller" and "quick" crochet projects. I know for a lot of you making a large garment doesn't always sound appealing, and I totally get that!

I have been putting together a list of these small projects these past few days and to kick off this challenge we will be making the Arlo Zipper Pouch! Yay!

Crochet pouches are seriously the BEST thing. And I'm not just saying that because I discovered them a few days ago...

The Arlo pouch works up in under one hour. This project makes for a great makeup bag, clutch purse, crochet hook holder, gift, etc. Really, the possibilities are endless!

This design is worked from the bottom up, crochet continually around the foundation chain. For the yarn I recommend using Bernat Makers Home Dec in Cream. This yarn is a blend of 72% Cotton, 28% Nylon, think of the feel as crocheting with a super soft tube. (Does that make sense?)

Let's get into the pattern!




6.50mm Crochet Hook

Bulky (5) Weight Yarn - Approx. 80 yards (Bernat Maker Home Dec in Cream is Recommended)

7” Zipper




Yarn Needle



Ch – Chain

DC – Double Crochet

SC - Single Crochet



- Pouch is worked in the round from the foundation chain up. Zipper is crochet on last.

- Finished measurement approx. 8"W x 6"T

- The AD FREE Printable PDF for this pattern can be found HERE.



Ch 25

R1 - Turn, SC into the 2nd Ch from the hook and across, Continue onto opposite side of chain, SC across, Place a Stitch Marker. (48)

R2 - *SC, DC, Repeat from * around, Place Marker. (48)

Work continually, repeat round 2 for a total of 16 rounds.

R17 - SC into each stitch around (48)

Fasten off.

The chart below represents rounds 1-3


Place your zipper inside your pouch, sew one side of your zipper to one side of the pouch using the running stitch, try to sew under the loops of round 16, this will leave round 17 above the zipper. Do the same on the opposite side.