The Dahlia Purse - Free Crochet Pattern

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****The PDF version of this free pattern can be found in my shop by clicking here.****

I am thrilled to be sharing with you all my FIRST free pattern on the blog! Yes, you read that right: FREE.

This purse is simple and quick, the perfect beginners project. We will start by chaining the width of the purse, working around the chain (creating an oval-like shape when looking straight down) and continuing up to create the height of the purse.



I really tried my hardest to make this pattern as EASY to understand as possible. I know that sometimes wearables can be intimidating. I decided to also provide you guys with a Youtube video so that you are able to understand all the steps clearly.

For this project It is definitely best to use a cotton yarn. Cotton is great for a lot of different reasons; it's absorbent, breathable, machine washable, and best of durable! Cotton also tends not lose its original shape, making it the perfect fiber for a purse!


The BEST part about this purse is just how easily adjustable it is! You can simply change the size of the bag by increasing your foundation chain and also lengthen the height by adding more rows. And don't feel like you need to use the same hook and yarn size I used, you really don't even have to! I've made this bag using chunky Lion Brand before:

Insanely old photo from when I first started crocheting. 

Insanely old photo from when I first started crocheting. 



6.00mm Crochet Hook

Approx. 130 yards Cotton medium weight 4 yarn 

Stitch marker


Measuring Tape

Yarn Needle



  • Ch – Chain

  • SL ST - Slip Stitch

  • SL ST BLO - Slip Stitch in the Back Loop Only

  • SC - Single Crochet

  • SC BLO - Single Crochet in the Back loop Only




Gauge isn't SUPER important for this pattern. If you are using a different hook/yarn size don't worry about this part.


Using a 6.00mm Crochet Hook

16 SC BLO = 4”

16 SC BLO Rows = 4”


Pattern :


Note: You can easily make this bag as large or as small as you’d like. To adjust the width increase your foundation chain, to adjust the height increase the number of rounds until you reach your desired size.


Chain 31

R1 - Turn, SC into 2nd Ch from hook and across, Continue working on to opposite side of chain, SC into each stitch across, SL ST to beginning (60)

Note: Pattern will now be worked continuously in the round.

R2 - Ch1, place a stitch marker, SC around (60)

R3 - R26 - SC BLO around (60)

R27- R28 - SL ST BLO around (60)

Fasten Off.




Step 1 - Place one eyelet on either side of bag.

Step 2 - Clip straps around each eyelet on either side.


Tassels (Make 4):


Note: If you need help making the tassels you can skip to 8:18 on my Youtube video above for more help.

Step 1 - Cut to pieces of scrap yarn approx. 5” in length.

Step 2 - Wrap yarn around your hand (or any object approx. 3” in height) 20 times.

Step 3 - Take one of your scrap yarn pieces and pull through the top of your wrapped yarn, tie a knot.

Step 4 - Cut through the bottom loops of the wrapped yarn.

Step 5 - Take scrap yarn, wrap it around the tassel and tie it approx. 1” from the top.

Step 6 - Place two beads (approx. 1 cm in thickness) onto scrap yarn holding tassel together.


Attaching Tassels:


Note: Place Tassels approx. 2” apart along the top of your bag.


Step 1 - Find a single crochet stitch, pull one piece of the top of your tassel through, pull the other side of the tassel through the opposite side of the single crochet stitch.

Step 2 - Tie a knot on the inside of the bag to secure tassel.

Step 3 - Weave in ends throughout the inside of the bag.

Repeat for all tassels.


Make sure you have woven in all of your loose ends and you are done! Thank you so much for joining me on my first pattern posted to my blog!


I also LOVE seeing your work in progress photos and finished projects, if you're active on the web tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

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